Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Another Deadly Medical Fraud Exposed

Another Deadly Medical Fraud Exposed

Oops! The medical science/pharmaceutical industry, as enabled by doctors, has perpetrated yet another massive fraud that, once again, has cost untold numbers of lives while generating astronomical profits for their industry and doctors.

We live in a for-profit-at-any-cost, corporate-created, media-perpetuated delusional world; a world in which so-called scientific research shows that only natural things such as the sun, our own genes, natural remedies, even natural drugs like marijuana, etc., can cause us harm, create cancers, and kill us. But somehow, inexplicably, in the realm of corporate-sponsored non-sense non-science, chemically and known carcinogen laden processed foods, personal care body products, pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines, etc., are safe, and even good for us…nothing to fear there.

In this delusional world doctors used science to promote cigarettes as “smooth and soothing to the back of your throat”…Oops, a cancer epidemic! Doctors used science to scare us away from natural animal fats, in favor of chemically synthesized trans-fats. Oops; skyrocketing increase in heart disease and death! Sorry! And, most recently and ongoing, doctors use science to make us afraid of the sun, having us opt instead to coat our bodies, from infancy and throughout our lives, with chemically laden sun-screens. Unsurprisingly, oops and more deaths, yet again!

Recent research published in the British Journal of Dermatology shows that garbage science and rampant misdiagnosis, NOT the sun, are responsible for the statistical rise in rates of melanoma, the deadliest from of skin cancer. They wrote: “We conclude that the large increase in reported incidence is likely to be due to diagnostic drift, which classifies benign (non-cancerous) lesions as stage 1 melanoma.”

In fact, there is good scientific evidence that appropriate exposure to the sun prevents skin and other cancers, while rates of melanoma are rising among indoor workers with less sun exposure!

It defies common sense, let alone good science, to believe that after tens of thousands of years, within the last 75 years, our genes have gone haywire and are now killing us; that naturally occurring foods and remedies are more dangerous than their synthetic chemically altered versions; and that the sun, the source of life on our planet and many documented health benefiting and protective properties, has recently and suddenly turned against us.

What has changed in the past 75 years are:

1. The industrial revolution, including the industrialization of our food supply, and the concomitant rise of pervasive highly toxic pollutants and carcinogens in our air, soil, water, and foods

2. The corporate sponsored scientific revolution in which our carefully cultivated unquestioning belief in what is largely corrupt and self-serving science is used against us.

3. The rise of corporate medical care that emphasizes profits over patient lives and thrives on creating and perpetuating diseases rather than cures. Its nemesis is health!

Our trust in nature has been severely undermined. Nature has imbued all life forms with an adaptive code for survival. Nature’s most basic survival mechanism, hardwired into that code, is health. We have been given a miraculous gift and personal responsibility to nurture and safeguard our own health. The more we accept that responsibility, the more we optimize our own genetic potential for health throughout our lives.