Sunday, August 31, 2008

How Much Is Your Health Worth?

How much is your health (specifically, improving and then maintaining it) worth to you?

How much time are you willing to spend to do what it takes? How much of an effort are you willing to make? How much of your money would you invest to improve your health and live a healthy life?

Sadly, while the vast majority of people claim their health is of paramount importance to them, they are unwilling to invest the time and effort required to improve their own health. They particularly bristle and stall at the notion of having to invest their own money to do the necessary things to improve, and then maintain, their health; foolishly believing, 'my health insurance should do that."

How much is your health worth to you when you lose it to some major illness or disease?

Well now, for everyone, the answer is crystal clear. "Spare no expense! Gimme the works. I want all the latest and the great technologies: MRI, CT's, surgeries, drugs, tests, more tests and procedures and more drugs. Whatever it takes man; money is not an option! I don't want to die! And, besides, my insurance will cover that!"

Which takes more time and effort? Doing the simple things it takes to be healthy like exercising regularly, buying, cooking and eating healthy foods, spending quality time with your family and doing things you enjoy to to control stress? Or, being sick and going for repeated doctor's visits or out of town trips to specialists, trips to the pharmacy, hospital stays or tests, recovering from surgeries or procedures, fighting for insurance benefits, deciphering and arguing about medical bill, etc.?

Which costs more? Investing in things that promote health, like having a health coach and going for wellness care, having a gym membership, buying quality foods, buying a good bed, going for a weekend get-away with your family, etc.? Or, paying insurance deductibles, repeated co-pays for doctor's visits, expensive tests-procedures and surgeries, the costs of multiple drugs and medical devices, visiting nurses, traveling expenses, lost time from work or perhaps even losing your job?

(Hint: medical bills are the number one cause of personal bankruptcy and a major reason for industry outsourcing.)

Which, (being healthy or being sick) will be the major determining factor in your quality of life, your life span, your happiness, your self-esteem, your energy level, your outlook on life and your relationships with your spouse and family?

Can you think of anything more important to you than your health and the health of your loved ones?

Everything in life can be seen as a continuum: either it is getting better, or it is getting worse. How is your health now as compared to five years ago? What will your health be like five years from now?

What are you doing, each and every day, to improve your health? Nothing? Almost nothing? Then how can you expect to BE healthy? Are you living with the delusion, as so many are, thinking that by taking daily medications to control your blood pressure, to lower your cholesterol, to manage your blood sugar, etc that you are healthy? If you were healthy, you wouldn't need the medications!

Do you really believe your health insurance will keep you healthy? It only pays for disease care. Isn't that, by definition, too late?

Can you think of three things that you know that you can do that would make you healthier? Did you think of taking more drugs, having more tests or going for surgery? Or, did you think you could eat better, exercise more and control your stress better? What drugs can do that for you?

Achieving and having health throughout your life is possible and easier than you think.

First and foremost, you need to understand exactly what health is, and is not.

Then, you must take personal responsibility for your health, making daily lifestyle decisions to promote health.

Next, you need to make your health a high priority goal and make a commitment to yourself to achieve it.

And, finally, you must be open to making the requisite changes in your life and be willing to work on being healthy every day.

My suggestion: find a health coach to help keep you focused on your health.


LisatheIsa said...

Yay docmay blogger! So glad our mom always bought and cooked fresh & healthy, what a great model for us all! Do tell of health coaches, maybe you can school us on this genera; I imagine many Americans frustrated with health issues would benefit from a consult.


docmay said...


thanks for your comment.

health coach: someone who tells you something you may not want to hear to help you become the person you want to keep you focused on your health and wellness (how you think, how and what you eat, and how you use your body every day.)

yobro said...

Now you're talkin' doc. My health is worth alot to me, and I generally take good care of myself, in fact I take such good care, sometimes I almost kill myself working out. Now, having read your article, I get the concept. Please provide more specifics in some of the areas you mentioned.