Saturday, June 20, 2009

Political InAction

Political InAction
Whether or not you are paying attention to, and engage in, the health care reform debate the outcome will be determined by the most vocal and influential voices in Washington.
Take heed, the vested interests of the medical-pharmaceutical-insurance industrial complex are geared up and out in full force.
The big guns are out and they're firing. All major lobbying firms in Washington - many of them brimming with ex-members of Congress - are now crawling all over the Hill. Lots of money is on the table. The AMA's political action committee has contributed $9.8 million to congressional candidates since 2000, and its lobbying arm is one of the most formidable on the Hill. Meanwhile, Big Insurance and Big Pharma are increasing their firepower. The five largest private insurers and their trade group America's Health Insurance Plans spent a total of $6.4 million on lobbying in the first quarter of this year, up more than $1 million from the first quarter last year, and are spending even more now. United Health Group spent $1.5 million in the first quarter, up 34 percent from the $1.1 million it spent in the first quarter last year. Aetna spent $809,793 between January and the end of March, up 41 percent from last year. Pfizer, the world's biggest drugmaker, spent more than $6.1 million on
lobbying between January and March,more than double what it spent last year. It also spent nearly $3.3 million lobbying in the fourth quarter of 2008. Every one of them is upping their spending.”
Theirs’ is a no-holds barred attack to secure their profits. They straight-out buy politicians, former ones like Dole and Daschle, to lobby the current ones, their former colleagues. They buy air-time and endlessly broadcast self-serving public media, news/propaganda, and advertising campaigns based on distortions and outright lies to propagate fear. They fear-monger with buzzwords like socialized medicine, rationing of care, long waits, and compromised quality of care, as if they cared about any of that, or your health. As if we don’t already have rationing of care, long waits and compromised care. As if the current unfettered corporatocracy/plutocracy is better for the American people than socialized medicine, if it came to that.
President Obama is holding town-hall type meetings on the subject to drum up public support for the public option. He knows that as rich and powerful as the special interests are, in shear numbers, there are more of us than them. And, because we can vote we can speak with a unified voice to force the hands of our corporate-owned politicians. We can have our say, and we can win, but only if we participate en masse.
Everything in life is political, especially politics!
What have you done today to make your voice heard so that your interests are protected, over those of the corporate giants?
This issue is too critical for you to sit by and do nothing. It demands your attention and political action. You must call your Senators, Congressmen and the White House repeatedly to voice your support of a public option. If they are not hearing from YOU, they are most certainly hearing, and feeling the pressure, from special interest lobbyists and major corporate campaign contributors.
Ultimately, the future landscape of health care will be whatever we let happen during this debate.
Political inaction is an action. It is to allow the special interests to prevail.
Get involved.
Act as if your health, and the health of your loved ones, depends on it!
Call your Senators, Congressmen and The White House today, and get everyone you know to call as frequently as possible.


Anonymous said...

The cost and ultimately the responsibility depend on how we act during these changing times.

Hopefully the government will hear the voice of reason and take a closer look and realize the bigger picture of health and wellness based care, instead of the twisted web we currently call health care.

J Peck

Anonymous said...

April says:

Pretty nice post. I just found your site and wanted to say that I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog posts.

Any way I’ll be subscribing to your blog and I hope you post again soon!

docmay said...


thanks for reading and caring enough to respond. health is our most important asset.

i am convinced if we understood it better and valued it more then we would not have to rely on disease care as much as we do now.

keep reading and pass it on.