Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Green Thumb

The Green Thumb
Here is a little thinking exercise I like to work through with my patients. I call it the green thumb analogy.
What does it mean when we refer to someone as having a green thumb?
Everyone knows that it refers to someone who has a natural skill for gardening, or growing plants.
So, let’s dissect that a little more.
What does it take to grow plants? Is it rocket science?
What do plants need?
Again, everyone knows that plants need:
Sufficient sunlight:
Not too much, that could burn the plant and make it wilt
Not too little or the plant won’t grow, and may die.
Sufficient water:
Not too much, that could drown the plant
Not too little, or the plant will wilt, and may die.
Good soil:
Nutrient rich soil
Free of toxins that may harm or kill the plant
Sufficient and clean air
Well, what happens to any plant if you give it sufficient sunlight, clean and sufficient water and oxygen, and nutrient rich, toxic free soil?
It not only grows, it thrives! (Hence, the green thumb.)
But why, if given those ingredients, does the plant
Because it is genetically (DNA) hardwired to thrive under the right conditions.
What makes you think you are any different?
Answer: you are no different!
Your body is genetically programmed for health. More precisely, it is genetically programmed for survival by maintaining homeostasis (balance), and adapting to chemical, physical and emotional stressors that challenge that balance.

The simple truth is: your body has certain specific genetic requirements to BE healthy. If those requirements are met, in pure and sufficient quantity and, if you stop poisoning yourself with toxic foods and chemicals, improved health is inevitable
When you understand and act on this simple truth, your health and your life will change.
Health is mostly a matter of choice; how you choose to live your life; how you choose to think, what you choose to eat and how much exercise you choose to get; as strongly influenced, for better or worse, by the habits of the people you hang out with most, your family and friends.
It is all about making a solid lifetime, lifestyle commitment, to create good health by developing and consistently maintaining healthy habits.
It’s not rocket science.
It’s as simple as having a green thumb!


Anonymous said...

The one ingredient implied, but not explicitly mentioned, is attention (awareness). A plant receives what it needs up front and is nurtured throughout its life. Our relationship with our own bodies, however, is either mechanical and similar to the one we have with the automobile: Has to look good. When it breaks, have it fixed or adjusted. If you want it optimized, add supplements.
When not viewed mechanically, we blame it on genetics and, again, place ourselves at the mercy of the medical and pharmaceutical complexes. Either way, we are lead to believe there is precious little within our power over our well-being.


Anonymous said...

This blog is a simple truth you've been saying since we've met. A committment to ourself and family need to be forefront in our minds all the time. Thanks for this simple truth.

Anonymous said...

WOW, i guess i never thought about it like that. We ARE like plants. Will miracle grow work for us too? :)