Monday, November 15, 2010

Looking at LENS

Looking @ LENS Neurofeedback
I’ve been a chiropractor since 1986. Using the powerful combination of chiropractic and good advice, I have seen, and will continue to see, many wonderful and amazing patient responses and results with a wide range of body aches and pains.
I’ve been a LENS practitioner for about a month. I have never seen anything like it, in terms of how quickly, dramatically, and profoundly results are realized, often starting after the first treatment.
I can’t say it better than the patients themselves.
51 year old female: problem list: ‘post-traumatic stress, anxiety, grief, fibromyalgia, insomnia, vertigo, trouble organizing thoughts.’
Day after treatment: ‘no insomnia, slept through the night.’
Next day: ‘accomplished many errands in the morning, managed to pack for the weekend and leave at 1pm in order to drive an hour to the train station (on time)! This is a huge improvement for me because I’m a procrastinator and always running late. I even stopped in at my mom’s house for a visit.’ That night in NYC: ‘slept soundly all night. Next night in NYC ‘more difficult falling asleep, windows were open and city noises were disturbing. I sat up in bed to read and write—lots of creative ideas to get on paper---then fell asleep for the rest of the night.’
37 year old female: problem list: long term history ‘post-traumatic stress, anxiety, anger outbursts, no energy.’

Day after treatment: ‘less anger-that anger or anxiety knot that was in my stomach all the time seems to have went away….breathe much easier.’
29 year old male: problem list: confusion, general anxiety, being worried a lot to the point of frustration (behavioral outbursts), putting problems off…lifetime anxiety medication.
Day of 1st treatment: ‘tired/relaxed, calm, more clear thinking.’
Next day: ‘slept well, very energetic all morning and day…accomplished a lot around house/yard, still felt calm and clearer thinking. Wife was sick, so I took care of all the house/kids…played more with them and still was calm, quiet. In a situation late afternoon my friend did something to my wife (grabbed her arm)…in a matter of seconds I got angry..I went from a 1 to a 10 in seconds and back to a 1 and got it under control myself very quickly.
2nd day: very similar results…calm, quiet, sleeping well, getting more alert.
After 2nd treatment: as soon as I left Dr. May’s office for about 3-5 hours I felt so much laughter and humor it was unreal…the most I have felt in years. More confidence in self decisions and overall feeling more confident. My worriedness and anxiety have been great. The treatment has given me more confidence and less thinking time about decisions in my life, making it overall easier and much better to handle stressful conditions in work and home life.’
Next day:’My boss at work noticed changes in me…calmer and more focused. My kids have noticed changes.’
After 3rd treatment: ‘a more balanced lifestyle/mood..also my daily meds have become more stabile…my medication usage is minimal since I have been treated. I feel that my mind and thoughts are normal and balanced.’
60 year old female: problem list: chronic pain, fatigue, forgetfulness, restless leg syndrome
After 1st treatment: ‘I had decrease overall pain. I felt more aware, brighter.’
After 2nd treatment: ‘Pain continues to decrease.’
After 3rd treatment: ‘Pain still improving. Increase energy level.’
42 year old male: problem list: ‘problem falling asleep and sleeping, memory, fatigue, concentrating’
After 1st treatment: ‘I fell asleep with no problem 6 out of 7 nights. If I woke up, I was able to fall back to sleep with no problems. This has not happened in a very long time. No leg shakes at night.’
50 year old male: problem: Lyme Disease: ‘chronic muscle/joint pain and tightness, especially neck, shoulders and entire left side of body and knees…inconsistent energy levels and sleep patterns.’
After 1st treatment: ‘first 48 hours less pain and tightness in shoulders/neck….also, my body felt lighter. Muscles have mostly returned to previous patterns. Perhaps over time and with additional sessions, these changes will hold. 80% less pain and inflammation in right knee. This change has held to date.’
16 year old male: problem list: ‘anxiety, nervousness, OCD about appearance.’
After 1st treatment: ‘I felt more alert, easier to put thoughts together and more apt to do work in school…less rages of anger, but instead, rages of happiness. For some reason I haven’t thought about my neck pain as much and haven’t had any typical things that would put me in a bad mood over almost nothing. I stayed more focused on school work than normal. I woke up feeling alert.’
While there have been a few people with little, to no, response to LENS, these dramatic, life-changing results in most patients is an incredible beginning!


Anonymous said...

Bad news for pharmaceutical companies. May your practice of LENS clear the fog in our brains for a brighter future.

Thank you for this public service!


Anonymous said...

Congrats PM, this sounds quite exciting!


Anonymous said...

Must be rewarding to see such remarkable results in a short span of time.

I’m thinking … gift certificates. To restore one’s ability to sleep (and its restorative effects) is definitely a greater gift than one more scarf, sweater, etc. from the box stores.

Anonymous said...

Howard Itzkowitz says:

December 6, 2010 at 11:31 am (Edit)
Wasn’t it Hippocrates who wrote that the first responsibility of a doctor was to “do no harm”?

Well, if you are doing no harm and getting positive feedback–more power to you!