Sunday, June 26, 2011

Featured Blogger

Featured Blogger
"Never before have so many people written so much to be read by so few." (Katie Hafner, NYTimes)

I have been in communication with, and if all goes well, I may be one of their featured bloggers.
Below is my intro and first submission. I will keep you posted.
Introducing: Hardwired4Health
I am writing this blog to help me express, and share, my evolving understanding of human health.
My opinions and original articles are based on my 25 years working as a chiropractor and health coach to thousands of patients and are supported by the literature I have read including articles, books, printed and on-line news, etc., and the information I have learned in the many seminars I have taken over the years.
As a holistic health practitioner, I see myself primarily as a health coach; as a guide to better health. It is my mission to help transform the lives of my patients by educating, motivating, coaching and successfully treating them so that they can live full, active and healthy lives.
My goals in writing this blog are simple:
1. To provide information to motivate you, and more importantly, to ignite positive action for you, to reclaim your health and the health of your family.
2. To expose and explode perpetuated medical misperceptions, mythologies and lies that distract us from our goal of health, undermine our instincts, and disarm us from taking personal responsibility for our health and living healthy lives.
How to BE healthy is no mystery, and is within grasp for most of us. After all, health is our set-point, our birth-right. Or, as the author/activist Michael Pollan so eloquently states, “Nature’s default is health.” Why so few of us believe that, and why health eludes most of us, is the bigger mystery.
The key to unraveling that mystery begins and ends in examining the sources and content of our beliefs that drive our habits. The bottom line is that health, for the most part, is a lifetime, lifestyle habit.
My blog may be challenging. I am honest, direct and blunt, and I will support my writing with links to respected sources.
As Morpheus says to Neo in The Matrix: “Remember, all I’m offering is the truth, nothing else.” And, as they say, the truth isn’t always pretty. But, knowing the truth, and acting on it, is the only way forward.

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