Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Essential Ingredients for Health

The Essential Ingredients for Health

Ultimately, making a pie is a pretty simple chemistry project; follow a recipe of a handful of ingredients and a few steps.

Use the right ingredients and follow the directions and shazzam, you have a delicious pie.

Alter the ingredients (leave one or more out, increase/decrease the amount of some, add a few things,

etc.) and modify the directions (skip a step, change the temperature/time, etc) and everything

changes…no delicious pie.

That's pretty straightforward; most people get it and few, if any, would argue it.

Now, imagine the ingredients and requirements to build and run the complex and precise biochemistry of the human mind/body.

What happens when you leave out some essential ingredients (nutrients), add other toxic ingredients (processed chemical foods, additives, pharmaceutical drugs, chemically laden body/bath products, inhaled pollutants, etc), don’t bake it long enough (induced labor/planned c-section), etc.?

For most, understanding this is not as straightforward; most people don't get it, and worse, they don't care.

The simple point is: you can’t even bake a pie without the right ingredients.

How can you expect to create and have a healthy mind/body without putting in the right ingredients (nutrients) while adding a plethora of toxic chemicals?

Answer: You can’t; you can't create a healthy baby or a healthy you.

Your DNA has species specific nutrient requirements to make you and support good health.

Those basic essential ingredients include:
            Fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds; more towards organic, locally grown, raw (when possible),         and in season.
            Meat/poultry/fish: more towards wild/free range, grass fed, organically raised, anti-biotic free
            Essential supplements include: Omega 3 fish oils, Probiotics, and Vitamin D.

At the same time we need to stop poisoning the system with:
            Processed, chemically-laden foods and drinks
            Chemically-laden personal hygiene products
            Pharmaceutical drugs
            Sedentary, in-door lifestyles

Your DNA is programmed ONLY for survival, and health is nature’s most basic survival mechanism: are programmed to BE healthy.  Supply your DNA/body with what it needs, and stop poisoning it, and it will maximize your potential for health.

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