Wednesday, October 8, 2008

How Many People ARE healthy?

Look around at any group of 100 adults (age 20 or over).

How many of them do you think are healthy?

How many of them think they are healthy?

We can assume that our group of 100 is consistent with national statistics.


66 are overweight or obese, 11 have diabetes, 27 have cardiovascular disease, 10 have depressive disorders, 7 have chronic headaches, 70 experience frequent sleep problems, more than 51 are taking at least 1 medication per day; 40 are on 3 or more medications per day and 5 are alcoholics

Some statistics are hard to find.


How many have regular digestive problems, routine, back, neck, joint or muscle pain, sexual/reproductive problems, skin problems, chronic bladder/urinary problems, significant allergies, repeated ‘colds,’ and chronic high stress, etc?

If they have one, or any combination of those problems, and/or, they are on medications to ‘control’ the symptoms, are they ‘sick’ or are they ‘healthy?’

So, how many people, out of any random group of 100 adult Americans, are actually healthy? Evidently, very few.

Are you one of them?

We humans are the sickest species on the planet. We Americans, in particular, are obsessed with health (diet plans, gym memberships, supplements, etc) and health care (drugs, medical tests, surgeries,etc) yet we have one the highest rates of chronic degenerative diseases, with more and more of us getting sicker and dying each year. And, the rates many of those diseases are dramatically rising at younger ages and, in our kids.

The only appropriate question is: WHY ARE WE SO SICK?

Is it because we don’t have enough access to doctors, hospitals, diagnostic tests, surgical procedures or drugs? As the numbers of all of these medical interventions rapidly rise, more of us continue to get sick and die.

It is because that is not why we are so sick.

Whenever I ask patients to tell me three things they can do to make themselves healthier, 100% of the time they say some variation of:

I can eat better

I can exercise more

I can control my stress better

That’s because: we all KNOW what it takes to BE healthy.

Patients never say

I need to take more drugs

I need more medical testing

I need to have surgery.

Again, because we all KNOW that medical testing, drugs and surgery are all ‘after the fact’ disease treatments, but never provide health.

So, why is it, in their daily lives, most rely on testing, drugs and surgery for health?

And, if it were working, wouldn’t we, as a group, be getting healthier instead of sicker?

Why the disconnect in our lives, between what we want (to BE healthy) and what we do (get sick and fight disease?

What do you want and what do you do? Do want to invest your time, effort and money on things that promote a healthy life?


Do you want to waste your time, effort and money being sick and tired, fighting diseases after they occur?

It really is a matter of choice and, the choice is yours.


DJ Elpern said...

Hi Peter. This is a very good blog. I will read it and comment periodically -- you can put an occasional article or essay on C2S site, too and link that to your site to get a few more readers.
Good chatting with you. Dave

andil said...

enjoyed reading your blog, most people know how to be healthy they just choose to do whats convienent from fast food to diet pills to six minnute abs, life is a marathon but people choose to sprint to thier graves

rebecca b said...

this is so darn was a pleasure meeting you the other day at my mothers appointment. I am going to place a link to this blog into my myspace page.. i believe that MANY more should read it. Thanks for pulling this issue off my back burner. :)