Sunday, November 2, 2008

It's Flu Season ! Or, is it?

It’s Flu Season, or Is It?

This is the time of year that the pharmaceutical-medical-government triad revs up their fear-based campaign about the flu. Flyers from the CDC (Center for Disease Control) exhort the public to get the flu shot. And now, some states are mandating them.

The flyers claim; ‘200,000 are hospitalized with the flu complications each year, 20,000 are children under the age of five and 36,000 people die.” The flyers begin and end with an urgent call to action: “protect yourself and your loved ones from the flu: get vaccinated today”

Wow! Those are some pretty scary statistics and the call to action is so simple, all we need to do is get a shot and we’re all saved! Or, are we?

As I worked my chiropractic wellness booth at a ‘Health & Wellness Fair’(more accurately, a Disease Fair) I watched the throngs get screened for blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar, pre-cancerous skin lesions, and more. They anxiously and eagerly moved from booth to booth for their free prevention screens (disease screens) to hear a verdict on their ‘health,’ (or lack of it).

As if that wasn’t depressing enough, I watched them mindlessly line up and roll up their sleeves to receive their free flu vaccine. Amongst them, one sensed various levels of trepidation about the needle. Otherwise, no questions were asked.

I approached and challenged some of them.

Q: Why are you getting the flu shot?
A: It’s free, and I don’t want to get the flu.
Q: What are your chances of getting the flu?
A: I don’t know. I just don’t want to get it.
Q: What are the risks of getting the flu once you get the shot?
A: I don’t know.
Q: What risks are associated with getting the shot?
A: I don’t know.
Q: What exactly are they injecting into your body?
A: I don’t know.
Q: If someone was pouring something into your gas tank would you just watch?
Or, would you ask them what it is, what it’s used for and whether or not it could damage the engine?
A: I definitely would ask before they did it.
Q: Then why don’t you do the same with your own body?

What if I showed you studies that concluded:

1. you only have a 5-20% chance of even getting the flu
2. influenza does not pose a serious risk of complications to most people who get it.
3. the flu vaccine changes formulations each year and does not prevent the type of flu that the overwhelming majority of people get each fall/winter
4. the flu vaccine may cut the odds of getting influenza A and B by only 25%, but this type of influenza represents less than 15% of all cases
5. the elderly may benefit from vaccination, but the studies are not very good to prove it.
6. there is NO evidence that the benefits outweigh the risks of vaccinating babies or young children
7. healthy people under the age of 60 do not benefit from the vaccine, in terms of reduced odds of getting the flu, days lost from work, or stopping the spread of influenza.
A: Who did the studies?
Q: Great question! That is exactly the right question.

But why didn’t you ask them about the supporting evidence before you let them inject you with foreign proteins and preservatives like thimerasol, a mercury compound?

Why didn’t you ask them about the risks vs. benefits: just how risky is the flu? And, just how effective is the vaccine? Was it because they wear white coats, have MD’s and are associated with hospitals offering free vaccines?

If I, as a chiropractor, offered a free and ‘better’ flu vaccine, you would either ignore the offer or be all over with it with questions, as you should be. Why is that?

The point is the ‘health’ community consistently uses our trust and fear to manipulate our perceptions and understanding of ‘health’ to motivate us to act unquestioningly, to take drugs or submit to vaccines. In this case they overstate the risks getting the flu, and flu-related death, and the effectiveness of the vaccine in ‘preventing’ it.

No drug is totally safe.

The CDC website states “On rare occasions, flu vaccination can cause serious problems, such as severe allergic reactions. As of July 1, 2005, people who think that they have been injured by the flu shot can file a claim for compensation from the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP).”

Is that risk, and other potential, unpredictable risks or side-effects, worth the minimal odds of decreasing your risks of getting the flu? Getting, and recovering from the flu, boosts your natural immunity and makes your body stronger.

Your health is your responsibility. Never take it for granted and never undergo any test or procedure, or take any drugs or submit to any vaccine without assessing the facts yourself.

Without any valid scientific evidence to support them, more and more vaccines are being mandated for our children, and the public at large. (Vaccine sales are in the billions of dollars.) We are increasingly giving up our freedoms, including the freedom of choice in health care and decisions we make regarding our bodies, our health and the health of our children. As with losing all civil liberties, this is a dangerous road to travel.


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Anonymous said...

Some of the information I learned was new regarding how (in)effective the vaccine really may be - I didn't realize the numbers were quite that low.

But I did know that the flu vaccine does change every year, and in that regard, isn't the same every year, like other vaccines like the measels, etc.

I for one with this take my chances. I've only got the flu possibly twice in nearly 30 years. The last time was this past January. Did I miss a week of work? Sure. But I was probably just as likely to have gotten the flu even if I'd had the vaccine, as the strains they were targeting last year were the ones that were not as prevalent.