Saturday, October 1, 2011

All About LENS: 1 Hour Interview

The following links are to a 1 hour radio interview on local radio station WBTN (am 1370) from Bennington, VT. The interview was with John Hearst, MD., on his show Natural Instincts.

Enjoy! And, I welcome your feedback.

Or, if you are more visually oriented, you can watch a 1 hour tv interview at the link below. After you link to the site, type: smile with b-mile into the show search, and then scroll down until you see my name (show ID 15691, 08-08-2011).

*Important Note: After watching the tv interview I decided that I have a great face for radio!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Dr. May has been my chiropracter since I moved to Southern Vermont in 2003. He has helped me with tennis elbow, displaced rib, torn tendon in my ankle, and recently a lower back pain issue. I, as a patient listen to, and follow the instructions given. Dr. May him when he instructs me on "how to get better". I follow his instructions on "at home care", ergonomic changes to my workplace, and attend my sessions. I have found these three things simple to complete and have always gotten better.

Now, I listened to the audio version of the LENS program. I understand how it works, I am not afraid of the treatment and plan to contact the office to help myself. I have tried medications and therapy - now I look forward to LENS.