Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ergonomics: Computer Workstation Set-up

Ergonomics: Computer Workstation Set-up
The basics of health are simple, seemingly too simple for most people to believe.
We are, as all living things, hardwired for one thing only; survival. And, health is nature’s most basic survival mechanism. Health is nature’s default or set-point.
Nurturing our own health means taking active steps to optimize our own specific genetic potential for health. The foundation of health is based upon the daily and consistent lifestyle choices we make, throughout our lives, in terms of how we think, what we choose to eat, and how we use our bodies.
Each of these broad categories can be broken down into smaller sub-categories. For instance, how we think includes how we handle all stress, how we cope with life’s challenges, the caring relationships we have with family, friends and co-workers, etc.
What to eat is best summed up by Michael Pollan: “Eat real food (not processed crap), not too much, mostly plants.”
Biomechanics refers to how we use our bodies. Biomechanics is based on using ideal body posture at all times: sleeping, sitting, during exercise, in all work and play activities, etc.
Ergonomics has to do with how we use tools and set up our workstations to support good posture; to minimize unnecessary and harmful chronic and/or repetitive strain to our bodies.
Biomechanics and ergonomics all begin and end with good posture.
The following video is a great tool to help with computer workstation setups.

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